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Moodle App

by Jade Rehu -

To access the Moodle app (for both apple and android) for all of your learning requirements.

1. First go to the app store and search for Moodle

2. Download the app and then open it as you normally would.

3. You then must enter the URL of the site so that it can direct you to the correct platform In this case it will be

4. The app will then prompt you for sign in details

These details are the same as the normal site.

5. Then you should be in!!

You will see the course(s) that you have been enrolled into, any announcements and can message and contact us through that platform.

Please let us know what you think, or 0275271115 if you run into any problems or if you want to just tell us how easy it makes your study time.

Happy Studying :)